Felted Artworks .... 'painting with fleece, fibre and fabric'

'Felt is such a creative, versatile medium through which I can explore artistic concepts both 2 and 3 dimensionally.  Below are some images from recent exhibitions.

The framed pictures combine photograhy and felt in a reinterpretation of the original subject to create textured images with expanded depth, colour, texture and dimension.Sculptured forms use felt's visually tactile qualities and at times are enhanced with the additional of other techniques and materials'.

All June Hope's artworks are handfelted using traditional wet-felting methods which combine Australian merino and/or alpaca fleece with interesting fibres, fine silk and other fabrics. Most are for sale.Click here to contact June Hope.


'The images above are from the  Burnie Shines, 2012 'Woven' exhibition of which I was part.  For me, the theme of 'Woven' represents 'community'.  It tells of my journey out of the fishbowl of hectic living in Melbourne to travel to my new life becoming an artist in tranquil Tasmania.  It expresses how both myself and my art have been nurtured by the community here .... growing, becoming and blossoming'.

'Costa Norde' has been exhibited in two galleries on the North West Coast of Tasmania.  The images shown are representative of favourite places on our stunning north coast. These 'textured images' are photographs reinterpreted in felt, individually blended, textured, sculpted and stitched into place, each tiny piece individually made for just that position'.