About June

photo of June Hope by Rick Eaves - 'The Peacock Dress' - nuno felted, silk and alpaca seamless tabbard

Creative expression has been part of June’s life since childhood; colour and texture always attracting her. 

Since playing with fabrics as a small child at the feet of her dressmaker mother, June has been a textile junkie. Still she simply can’t pass by fabrics without touching!  


It's only in recent times that June has been able to return to art as expression of her creativity after having. for many years, been busier than is healthy in a professional life. Relocating to Tasmania from Melbourne (both in Australia!) in 2007 provided her with the opportunity to explore the magic of wet felting which she found brings together many of the mediums she’d  previously worked in.


Felting is an ancient and elementary craft that pre-dates any other method of making fabric.  It is this simplity; something primal, tactile and organic that June finds so appealing - like a connection to something very ancient. 

'I'm always surprised and excited by what seems like magic when the alchemy of the felting process produces something so distinctively different than the sum of the parts in what is surely a serendipitous act.  The works really do take on a life of their own and speak their own language'.

'To work in such a simple medium and produce contemporary, relevant, exciting and beautiful works touches a simplicity which seems mostly lost in the high tech world we live in.  And the meditative process of felting brings a great sense of serenity and wellbeing'.

'Fleece, fabrics and fibres are the mediums for me to create art for the body and soul. It is my hope that my efforts may bring both inspiration and joy'.